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Throughout my career I have worked tirelessly to help young people lean into their power and unique abilities to make change in their communities. 

What I’m looking for in a mentee

In a mentee I'm looking for someone who is interested in leadership and exploring the ways in which you can find strength and inspiration from your own life story. As a mentor, I’m invested in co-creating safe and creative spaces where we can learn together and build towards a purpose driven life and career.

Why mentorship is important to me

I deeply value the experiences I've had with mentors. I wouldn't be where I am today without their support. Drawing on their own unique journey as leaders, they've been able to guide and advise me in good times and bad, while also helping me to identify opportunities for growth and development. As a mentor, I would do the same.

I am able to work with a LIMITED number of mentees per year.  If you're interested in being mentored by me, please book a session below.

I charge the following per session:

$80: 20 minute session

$135: 45 minute session

$375: Three 45 minute sessions


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